Implement will customise programmes to develop the leaders and managers in your business.  We can cover a range of topics about managing themselves, leading and managing others and managing efficient processes. Flexible options with combination of classroom delivery, on-line options and one-on-one coaching.

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Personal Development Programmes

Implement delivers a range of training programmes, either delivered as public programmes or in-house to suit specific needs of organisations. Shona will design a programme to suit your time-frame, budget and learning outcomes

Customised personal development

Online Options

We have developed a range of on-line options for personal development at your own pace. Choose from a one topic webinar and a workbook, Energy Boost one hour coaching sessions or online modular programmes and classes.

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A coach is like your conscience, when we work together we will work towards your goals and my role will be to help you to be accountable for achieving those goals. Solutions will be tailored to meet your needs.

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High performing teams are a valuable asset to any organisation. Implement has a number of solutions to help you to develop stronger teamwork.

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Diagnostic tools

Do you want to understand  personality differences, strengths and challenges of your team, individual time management challenges or make good recruitment decisions? We have a range of diagnostic tools, to use on their own or in conjunction with workshops.

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Every organisation deserves a well crafted strategy. The days of a long term strategic plan may have passed, but strategic thinking and a clear direction are still vital components of a robust and resilient organisation. Implement can help you to develop and articulate the direction your team needs.

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Governance for Community Groups

Shona has experience assisting community groups with governance and management processes. Community groups function from the heart, creating unique challenges for the governance group. She will work with you to identify how you can take the next step in the way that suits the stage and state of the organisation.

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There are times when having an independent facilitator will help your organisation to find the way forward. Whether it is to develop a plan, solve a problem or navigate opposing views; a facilitated discussion is an efficient way to make decisions.

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