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The first unconference held on November 25, was a success. We will do it again!

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What do we do?

Learning and Development

Continual training and development of staff is an important component of organisational development. Implement offers a range of opportunities for management and staff to develop interpersonal, management and leadership skills.


Actions for successful implementation of a vision or strategy must be consistently applied, well communicated and followed through. Implement can help you plan, and put in place, the actions and practices that will help to achieve your vision and strategy.


You may need help to develop a structured framework for thinking about the future. An external facilitator can enable a structured approach, at any level of the organisation, to clarify where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

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E koekoe te tūi,

E ketekete te kākā,

E kūkū te kererū.

(Māori Whakataukī)

Customised solutions to your unique circumstances

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The tūi chatters,

The kākā gabbles,

The Kererū coos.

It takes all kinds of people…

(Māori Proverb) 


What is coming up...

The Performance Edge

The most effective and immediate way to improve the performance of your organisation is to increase the performance and productivity of your people; The Performance Edge course achieves this.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Improve understanding of the  customer expectations. Develop a “be of service” attitude. Build rapport with clear and constructive communication skills. Learn how to handle customer complaints

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2021 Training Options

To help you plan ahead, have a look at our booking site for courses scheduled for 2021. If what you want isn't listed, get in touch to discuss options for you.

Note dates may change.

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Implement is an organisational development practice

So what is organisational development?It is a fancy way of talking about building your business by having a clear strategy, good processes and engaged people.Implement will help you to bring these things together to create a strong and sustainable business.
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Do you need an energy boost?

Do you want to have a chat about a specific issue or problem you are facing? Are you looking for clarity and focus? Do you need a sounding board?A one hour "Energy Boost" may be just what you need.The Energy Boost is an intensive coaching hour, via zoom, to discuss your specific topic. Together, we will develop ideas, solutions or steps to give you a boost.
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