Exciting new event

Would you like to participate in an inspiring conversation about leadership? Come along to our exciting new event, an unconference about leadership into the future.

November 25, New Plymouth


Support to take the next step.

Learning and Development

Implement provides a range of learning and development opportunities.  You can choose from public and in-house programmes delivered in a classroom or on-line.

Coaching & Mentoring

Have you ever thought that you need someone else to “act as your conscience”, or felt you wanted someone to bounce ideas off? If you have, then a coach or mentor may be the answer.

Facilitation and Consulting

If you have a short term project that needs an additional resource to facilitate, plan or review where you are and what you need to do, then Implement can help.

E koekoe te tūi,

E ketekete te kākā,

E kūkū te kererū.

(Māori Whakataukī)

Customised solutions to your unique circumstances

How can we help?

The tūi chatters,

The kākā gabbles,

The Kererū coos.

It takes all kinds of people…

(Māori Proverb) 


What is coming up...

Masterclass for Employers

Are your people practices not hitting the mark? Do you want to become an employer of choice? Do you want to build a strong business?

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The Performance Edge

A Leadership Management Australasia Programme, run by Implement. This is ideal development for team members who you wish to grow in their role.

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Strategy Masterclass

In today's world it can seem pointless to develop a strategy that is out of date as soon as it is written. We will explore how to be strategic in changing times.

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Implement is an organisational development practice

So what is organisational development?It is a fancy way of talking about building your business by having a clear strategy, good processes and engaged people.Implement will help you to bring these things together to create a strong and sustainable business.
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Do you need an energy boost?

Do you want to have a chat about a specific issue or problem you are facing? Are you looking for clarity and focus? Do you need a sounding board?A one hour "Energy Boost" may be just what you need.The Energy Boost is an intensive coaching hour, via zoom, to discuss your specific topic. Together, we will develop ideas, solutions or steps to give you a boost.
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