Customised training for your team - plan for 2022 and 2023

Shona can facilitate personal development for your team in a range of topics, at all levels of the organisation.

Generic topics are listed below and each workshop is designed for participants to bring their own experiences and seek out the skills and knowledge that will work best for them.

Shona is recognised for her relaxed facilitation style, which helps participants to identify the actions they can take.

Workplaces are time poor. People are overwhelmed with demands of work and navigating the current environment. Providing the opportunity to learn is one way that employers can ease the load, adding value for the participant and the business.

From time to time, the options listed will be run as public programmes. Check out the calendar for dates.

Or talk to Shona about in-house options.

Public Programmes

Team Leader Management Programme

Participants will develop their management and leadership skills simultaneously. The programme will help them to fill their management toolbox with practical and useful tools, overlaying that with an appreciation of what it is to be a good leader.

There are eight weekly workshops (2 ½ hours each) supplemented by post workshop tasks to reflect on learning and apply what is learnt.

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Customer Service

Customer service is the support you offer your customers — both before and after they buy and use your products or services.  It is what you do that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you.

We have developed a Customer Service Training Programme to support any member of your staff who requires upskilling to provide the expected service and to be able to manage the demands of a customer service role in an ever changing environment.

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Personal Development Workshop Series

A series of one hour workshops, ideal for (eg) a lunchtime or breakfast session once per week. Topics are:

  1. Understanding yourself and others
  2. Stress and wellbeing
  3. Resilience in a changing world
  4. Getting the most out of the time you have
  5. Problem solving for improvement
  6. Building great working relationships
  7. Communication
  8. Leading Teams
  9. Managing Conflict
  10. Managing Change

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Strategy Master Class

Every organisation deserves a well crafted strategy. 

In today’s changing world it can seem pointless to develop a strategy that is out of date as soon as it is written. In this Masterclass we will explore how to be strategic in changing times.

We will look at why a strategic direction is essential in a changing world.

By the end of the Masterclass you will have a strategy ready to implement.


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Master Class for Employers

A Master class for employers who wish to be top of their game. Held as a two day training workshop, the masterclass will cover:
– the business benefit of being a good employer
– having a strategic focus
– finding the right people
– developing the team/people
-creating a motivating environment
-managing performance

Classroom and on-line options available

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“We contacted Implement when we needed some help tweaking our Company Culture recently.  Shona ran focus groups and individual sessions with staff members to identify areas we needed to concentrate on.  Our staff found Shona very relatable which helped them open up to her.  Shona then helped implement new strategies to make the necessary improvements.  Shona helped make this a very successful exercise ”