Coaching for improved performance.

As your business coach, I will guide you as you develop your business and/or your management/leadership skills.

We will work in partnership, however the focus will be on your self discovery. We use your expertise in your business or discipline combined with my processes of coaching to bring success to your endeavours.

The process and journey we undertake is personalised to your needs.


Personalised learning and self discovery

Mentoring can be for individuals or groups, much like coaching, mentoring is personalised to your needs with the sole purpose of helping you and/or your team reach full potential.

I bring my expertise in management and leadership to the table and we explore options and solutions together that will work for you.

We set learning goals and work together to achieve them.

Energy Boost

A one-off, intense workout for your mind.

An energy boost is a new service introduced as a result of work I completed on-line during lockdown. I got over my distrust of not working in person and discovered that a short burst of coaching/mentoring via zoom can make a difference.

An energy boost is one hour (ish) of personalised coaching or mentoring, via zoom, to discuss one topic, solve one problem, bounce one idea around - the ultimate goal to motivate and energise you to make a move or take a step.

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