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Leadership Management Australasia

Implement is approved to sell and deliver Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) programmes in New Zealand.

Implement is approved to sell and deliver Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) programmes in New Zealand. LMA is based in Melbourne and operated throughout Australia and New Zealand. LMA delivers a process that not only provides skill and competency development but also changes the attitudes and behaviours of the Participant.

The following programmes are scheduled. All workshops are 2.5 to 3 hours long.

Programmes are delivered as face to face workshops in New Plymouth and Palmerston North. From late 2020 some programmes will be delivered via zoom workshops.

All programmes can also be run in-house for your team.

Programmes (except Customer Service) are eligible for the Capability voucher from the NZTE regional capability partnership.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Are your clients and customers impressed every time they contact you?
Would they say that dealing with your company is a positive experience?

Excellence in customer service is integral to an organisation’s strategy and planning – it is not just about the standards, systems, products and services an organisation has to offer, it’s also about the attitudes, knowledge and skills of the people who work within the business.

Benefits from this course

  • Develop a “be of service” attitude
  • Build relationships and rapport
  • Develop resilience and personal stamina
  • Develop clear and constructive communication skills
  • Improve style flexing and listening skills
  • Learn how to handle customer complaints


Above the Line Coaching and Mentoring

Effective coaching and mentoring promotes creativity, performance and resilience, giving organisations a competitive edge and an effective way to operate within an environment of continuous change.

Successful organizations recognise that managers must be able to coach their employees and each other, and have included coaching in their management/leadership development.

Benefits from this course

  • Benefits achieved through effective Coaching or Mentoring
  • What is Above the Line Coaching?
  • Action plans
  • The benefits of active listening
  • Above the line questioning
  • The three types of motivation


The Performance Edge

The Performance Edge course is a personal development course that develops the ‘total person’ through our unique development process, achieving permanent behavioural change which dramatically improves all facets of participants’ lives, professionally as well as personally. The Performance Edge course enables your employees who are already doing well, to do even better.

They will see improvements in their own performance and their team’s performance in the following areas:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better time utilisation
  • Greater focus on High Payoff Activities and Priorities
  • Improved communication and relationships
  • Enhanced employee attitudes
  • More effective delegation processes
  • Greater empowerment within their teams
  • Improved overall team results


Leading and Managing for Results

To achieve outstanding results, leaders and managers need confidence in their decision-making as well as markedly enhanced skill sets. The Leading and Managing for Results course provides leaders and managers with solid foundations to build organisational growth through improved personal performance and productivity.

LMA’s Leading and Managing for Results course develops your key people in leadership, management and supervisory roles to enhance their abilities to meet overall organisational objectives whilst enhancing the spirit of teamwork and mutual support required to achieve team goals.

Participants can expect to:

  • Enhance leadership capabilities
  • Improve delegation skills
  • Identify high payoff activities
  • Develop communication skills
  • Apply key actions and principals to improve both individual and team productivity and create results
  • Create greater empowerment and synergy within the team
  • Increase self confidence
  • Generate organisational growth
  • Improve personal and team time management
  • Improve decision making skills


Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors

Success Strategies for Team Leaders and Supervisors will assist newer Team Leaders and Supervisors and those transitioning into their first leadership role to develop their leadership and communication skills. They will improve their ability to work with their team to achieve the team’s performance objectives and goals.

The course is also ideal for those being groomed for promotion to a leadership or supervisory role.

Participants can expect to:

  • Increase confidence in their own leadership skills
  • Improve personal and team time management
  • Develop effective delegation skills
  • Improve their decision making and problem solving abilities
  • Improve the team’s overall productivity and performance
  • Improve the team’s safety and environmental focus and performance
  • Enjoy more effective communication within the team
  • Enhance working relationships
  • Become more accomplished at leading, managing and motivating individual team members


I was really impressed with the content and structure of the course.  I have noticed significant changes in the way our staff member manages her time and workflow.  It also had a flow-on to the firm as the systems she learnt she brought back to our business and we have implemented some of them as a firm.  I have no hesitation recommending this course.

Karen Venables, Legal Solutions

Empowered People, Better Results

Give your business an edge, give your people the tools.

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