Information for personal and team development.

The reports that are produced are excellent starting points for team and personal development.

The reports can be used alone or as part of a workshop to help understand strengths and challenges.

Sourced from Wiley, all products are validated for an Australasian market.

Talk to Shona about which option is the best for your needs.


Individual Reports

These reports can be used as a starting point for individuals or you can access reports for all of your team and receive a team report about how they complement each other (or otherwise)

Everything DiSC

DiSC provides a common language for people to understand themselves and others. The personal profile helps people to identify strengths and challenges, as well as providing understanding about communication styles and preferences.

Agile EQ 

Explore the concepts of emotional intelligence and Agile EQ- the ability to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

Build culture

Create a common language within your business to discuss interpersonal issues and you will build trust and transparency between team members. The profiles enable you to develop a common understanding about each team member and how behaviours influence relationships and culture.

Team Reports

The foundation building block of effective teams is TRUST. Trust comes from understanding how we all tick, how we best use our strengths to improve results and how we support each other when the going gets tough. These team profiles provide valuable information to help honest discussion and personal growth.

Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

A fabulous team assessment. Each individual receives a “mini DiSC” and the team receives an assessment about how well the team is doing against the five behaviours of Communication, Conflict, Results, Accountability and Trust.

Team Workshops

Workshops are developed to utilise the information gained from these reports.