Employee engagement is defined as the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals.  There are many benefits of engaged employees.

What makes an engaged employee different from a “good employee” or a “happy employee”?  An engaged employee is working for more than their pay or their own career. they are actively and proactively working towards the organisation’s goals. They are loyal and emotionally committed to their work, they are enthusiastic and are more likely to emerge as leaders, staying with the organisation for much longer.

There is a lot of research that shows that engaged employees result in lower turnover, higher productivity (some research says 21% more productive and 22% more profitable) and a positive reputation.

An engaged employee doesn’t happen by chance, you don’t just recruit one and then sit back and relax. Organisations must have practices in place that create the right environment for staff engagement. To have an environment for engagement your practices should add up to your employees:

  • Knowing what is expected of them
  • Being able to access all the resources needed to do their job well
  • Accessing training and personal development to extend and refine their talents and skills
  • Being able to do what they are good at, and excel every day
  • Knowing what they are doing well or could do better
  • Being able to speak up and be heard

Key are good communication processes, management processes that allow staff to thrive and feel empowered, clear and consistent values and goals to work to.

It is worth the effort to create the environment for your team to thrive.

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