What is values based leadership? It works from the concept that we are all driven by our own set of values. In this context we assume that the values based leader works from an admirable set of values and that they reflect on their own decisions on a regular basis to ensure they are staying true to them.  Values based leadership goes one step further than personal values, it is a concept that draws on the common values of the team and on the shared values developed for the organisation.

Values based leadership that can reinforce the shared values of the team, and of the organisation, is an extremely effective way of creating a unified team. Five reasons to practice values based leadership are:

  1. You and your team will make better and more consistent decisions. The set of criteria you use that is based on your values will become a critical component of all decision-making. Anything that doesn’t fit will stand out and will therefore be able to be reviewed and modified to be more in line with values.
  2. You and your team will share a common purpose and approach to how things are done. You will have created a climate where people can challenge and question decisions that don’t appear to be in-line.  You will talk as much about the “how/why things are done” as you do the tasks and the results.
  3. Your team is likely to be more engaged. If the “rules” are clear, the goal posts aren’t shifted and people can feel good about what is happening, the environment is much more likely to support team members so that they can give their energy to the goals of the organisation (as opposed to using up energy trying to navigate a changing or politically charged workplace)
  4. There will be improved trust and respect in the team. You and your team will have a safe work environment to discuss issues as they arise, and to manage conflict.
  5. Because of reasons 1-4 above, as the team leader, you will have more confidence in decisions you make and also the decisions of your team.

Have the conversation in your workplace about values. Find your shared values and begin to hold each other accountable for working to those shared values. Reflect on and review practices to ensure they support the shared values. You will make a difference in your organisation.

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