Has there ever been a time when world leadership has been under so much scrutiny? There probably has, but you have to agree it has been fascinating and horrifying in equal measure to see how different leaders have taken their countries through (or not) the pandemic of COVID19.

In New Zealand we are seeing a range of leadership styles as we head towards the national elections and in my region of Taranaki, we are seeing community leaders stepping up to make a change in how our community is represented at local council level.

My sense is that we are looking for a different style from our leaders than we have in the past. I am not an expert in political leadership, so I am not going to attempt to analyse things in depth. I will simply talk about my observations.

I am observing a stronger voice asking for leaders who are empathetic, kind and fair, who are also decisive, firm and clear in their views.

There is much written about Transformational Leadership – a term for the type of leadership that may be just what we are looking for as we chart a new course post the pandemic.

A transformational leader is described (among other things) as someone who:

  • Manages their own ego
  • Makes difficult decisions
  • Manages themselves well
  • Calculates and take the right risks
  • Works for the greater good
  • Is adaptable and open to new ideas
  • Has empathy for others

I am keen to begin a discussion within the business community about leadership as we move into 2021 and beyond. I believe our world will not go back to how it was before the pandemic, we will be faced with change to the way we do business, the way we live our lives and the way we interact with others.

What does this mean for us, our staff, our clients, our families, our communities?

I believe we need be a society of resilient people. A society of people who can adapt, who can manage uncertainty, who can respond to a changing environment with confidence.

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