I find myself having lots of conversations with people about the last 12 months. As we “celebrate” the one year anniversary of the first Covid cases in NZ with level 3 in Auckland and level 2 for the rest of us, there can be a sense of “here we go again.” I don’t want to keep talking about covid and lockdown and “what ifs” – it just happens.

People are getting weary. we are grieving for the life and experiences we once enjoyed. Any sniffle or cold symptom brings questions and decisions about going to work, cancelling appointments, or going and getting a test.

How difficult is it to run an organisation with uncertainty about so much of what we do?  Or when our team is not at their peak level of performance.?

I believe most of us are operating with an extra level of anxiety or concern than what we normally do, and that this added layer will result in many people not feeling like they are coping.

Resilience in organisations is about resilience in people. Have you had a conversation with your team about how they are faring?

How can you develop resilience in your team? By being approachable and aware of how your team members are feeling you will be able to develop solutions to help. Some things to consider are:

  • Create certainty in one aspect of their lives by developing and communicating goals and clear expectations.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Keep your team in the loop, check in with them about how they are feeling, listen to what they are telling you.
  • Foster teamwork by creating opportunities to work together, celebrate success and collective problem solving.
  • Provide everything they need to do their job well. This may be training, processes, equipment, or time.

If you would like to talk about options for your team to help personal and organisational resilience, get in touch. There are many options Implement can offer that may help.