I often use the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle when talking about implementation within an organisation.

A jigsaw can serve its function with one or two pieces missing, but you notice the gaps. Any more than a few, and the picture may not make sense.

What are all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle for your organisation?

Two models that I use when assessing gaps are:

  1. People, Process, Product – this model has its origins in Quality Management and is reasonably self explanatory. In order for organisations to be successful they need to have a good understanding of the product or service they provide, have standards for that product or service, have good processes that deliver to that standard in an efficient and compliant manner and have people with all the skills and attributes required to follow those process to deliver the product or service.
  2. Needs of individual, team and task – this model looks at the overlapping needs of all three components to ensure that an organisation is addressing them, it also highlights you can’t meet one set of needs at the expense of another. The needs of the task can be framed as the resources and processes needed to complete the task, the team needs to be able to work together and grow together and each individual brings their own set of needs to work (eg fair pay,  training, flexible working, sense of belonging or doing something worthwhile etc)

Have you created a complete jigsaw in your organisation, or are there bits missing?

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