On Wednesday this week, November 25, an idea that had been bubbling away for quite a few years, came to fruition. Instead of just thinking about it, earlier this year, I decided to organise an unconference to discuss changes in leadership.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, an unconference is a free ranging participant led discussion. I canvassed participants prior to the event and received a range of things they would like to discuss. From that I developed four themes, much like a regular conference. The themes were: Leading in a Changing World, Leading for Diversity, Being a Leader and Developing Leaders.

I set four starter questions per theme and we had four rounds of discussion to generate another level of questions to tease out a bit more.  We then spent the afternoon discussing those and coming up with some more ideas, answers and concerns.

The final 16 questions were:

Leading in a Changing World

  • How do you lead others in a changing world when you are not being led?
  • How can we evolve in a changing world without losing who we are?
  • How do we use the lessons of the government leadership during Covid going forward?
  • Is the future that you envision one that you hope to bring to life?

Leading for Diversity 

  • How can we make diversity more than a box ticking exercise?
  • How do we develop leaders to embrace cultural diversity?
  • A need for change- what is the cost? How can we create the change?
  • How do we create an environment for all to flourish?

Being a Leader 

  • How has leadership changed in a post-covid world where people are working separately?
  • How do you create change?
  • How do you balance your own personal success and the required success of your organisational measures?
  • How do we honestly, fearlessly and accurately assess our own performance in order to continuously evolve?

Developing Leaders 

  • Who in your field would you mentor? Who is your successor?
  • How do we sell being a leader?
  • How do we find and support the hotspots where future leaders develop their voice?
  • How do we create a culture where mistakes are OK?

Over the coming week I will be pulling together the outcomes from these discussions for the participants to reflect on.

The unconference was a success, it was the first one and there are areas to improve on, but the experience was great and I will definitely be organising some more.