In the 3rd instalment of this blog, we look at more misconceptions that can set a leader up for failure. Holding on to beliefs that your way is the only way can create issues for team performance and the leader’s effectiveness.

9. You can’t give an inch

There are times when compromise is important, and an effective leader will know when to compromise to create a solution that meets everyone’s needs. Leaders of high performing teams have learnt the art of managing the needs of the individual as well as the needs of the team. Being too dogmatic in your approach to individual needs will negatively affect team morale and productivity.

10. Leaders are born with charisma

There are many variations on the “Leaders are born, not made” mantra, thankfully for the most part we no longer believe this to be true – we know that leadership can be taught. It is important also to not look at superficial attributes associated with charisma and believe they signify good leadership. A leader does not need to be charismatic to be effective.

11. There is no-one to take my place

This is a common misconception. How often are you on a committee where the chair has been keeping the seat warm for a long time because no-one has put their hand up to take their place? The truth is that if you step down, someone will step up to take your place. They will likely build on what you have done and take the organisation to the next stage of development. Knowing when your time is up is the sign of a good leader.

12. Leading one team in much like another

Oh no it isn’t! Every team has a different dynamic, every team has a different history, every team has a different purpose. Leadership skills are definitely transferable from team to team, but if a new team leader thinks they can do exactly the same as they did for their last team and it will work – they may be in for a rude awakening.

There is a saying for new team leaders and managers – Breathe through your nose for the first few days- in other words, keep your mouth closed until you have seen how things work.

Final instalment tomorrow…