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What makes a team work for you?

Most of us live our lives as members of various groups and teams. Many of us need the support of others in order to function well. I am a “group joiner”, and love nothing more than working with a team of like-minded people to achieve a shared outcome. Have you ever thought about what makes some teams work for you when others don’t?

What image do you have of how the group is structured?

  • Where  do you fit in relation to the leader, to other team members?
  • What pictures do others have in their head?
  • Is your picture reality or how you imagine it to be?

Do you have a shared view of the job you have to do?

  • Why have you got together?
  • What are the timeframes?
  • How will you know when you have achieved you goal?

What are the pressures on your group and how do they affect how you operate?

  • Are the pressures external or internal?
  • Do they mobilise you or paralyse you?
  • Do your processes address the effect of the pressures?

What happens when you get together?

  • Do you allow time to get to know each other better?
  • Is time well managed?
  • Do you celebrate your successes?

What will happen when you disband the group or members leave?

  • How do you honour the work that has been done?
  • What stories will be told about the group?
  • What will happen to the work that has been done?

We may all have different answers to these questions. We are likely to ask these unconsciously, with group processes being developed to suit individual needs in an ad hoc fashion. If you think about these (and other questions) when coming together as individuals to achieve a common goal, then you and your team members are more likely to belong and be satisfied with what you achieve.