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Happy staff = Happy Customers

The Service Profit Chain describes how organisations can deliver profitable service to customers by focusing on internal processes for employee satisfaction.

The mantra of customer service is to create good first impressions with a smile, positive body language, good personal presentation and positive communication. I teach it myself in KiwiHost training courses. It is good basic information that we all need reminding about from time to time.

The KiwiHost/JRA Customer Service Pulse survey found that New Zealanders like front-line staff to:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to help me
  • Listen to me and understand what my needs are
  • Take responsibility to ensure my needs are met

Staff who are not happy in their work, who do not feel valued and engaged cannot demonstrate these behaviours no matter how many training courses they attend.

So when you get feedback that your organisation’s customer service is not as good as expected, where do you look?  At your front-line staff or yourself?  I encourage you to answer these questions when implementing customer service improvement programmes:

  • Do we recruit for the right skills and attitude?
  • Is the workplace happy?
  • Do my staff feel valued?
  • Have we provided enough on-the-job training to ensure staff have product knowledge?
  • Do we invest in our staff with time and money?
  • When we invest in training do we clearly identify the outcomes we expect from the training?
  • Do we reward our staff for providing good service?

JRA research shows that engaged employees return on assets is 95% higher on average; sales per employee are 68% higher and staff are 29% more likely to stay.

If you implement practices that result in staff engagement, customer satisfaction scores will increase.