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Getting Sorted

Being organised does not come easily to me, I am not a details person and rush from one exciting new thing to another. However, I know the power of being organised and know that I suffer when the “wheels fall off”. I am a busy, self- employed wife and mother and mostly work hard at being organised. Sometimes things just don’t work and I then need to stop and get back to basics by reviewing my systems and improving how I do things.

It might be a contradiction, but I think it is because I have to work hard to be organised, that I understand the power of having systemised processes to complete my tasks.

Some questions to ask yourself

1. How can we guarantee quality, create customer loyalty, increase productivity?

  • Specify product or service standards
  • Identify “moments of truth” for the customer (Ie why do they come to you and what would make then go elsewhere)
  • Identify what wastes time or causes hassles for staff and clients.

2. What do we need to put in place to meet the standards?

  • Extra step
  • Extra resources
  • Change process
  • Train staff
  • Product testing

3. How can we ensure we meet the standard?

  • Product testing
  • Quality Assurance step
  • Audit process
  • Customer feedback
  • Standards for inputs

Once a new process is put in place it is important that it is reviewed, so plan  a “trial” which is checked and then implemented as standard procedure. If you follow these steps and create the discipline of asking the questions regularly, you will improve staff morale, make life easier and increase your productivity.