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What makes a balanced organisation

Following on from my last post about strong and resilient organisations, this post is about balance in an organisation. Many years ago I came across the “Kaizen Square” as a tool in Total Quality Management (TQM). The square, seen below, describes perfect balance in an organisation where strategy (improvement and future plans) and maintenance (operations) are divided evenly across the organisation. While it was originally developed to suport TQM, it is an ideal illustration from which to develop an organisational development strategy.






Where would you place your line? Even if you are a sole operator, you will know instinctively where the line fits. To build a balanced organisation (and therefore a strong organisation) you need to think about where the line is, and what you have to do to move the line down.





Some steps you can take to move the line down are:

  • Identify all the tasks/roles you perform and allocate them to “Strategy” or “Maintenance”
  • Who is best suited to carrying out the task/role?
  • What training is needed to ensure the task/role can be carried out at the right level?
  • Develop a quality improvement culture to continue to “sharpen the pencil”

Effective implementation will help you to develop a stronger organisation by creating more balance, freeing up time to develop your organisation for the future.