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Implement is an independent, specialist, organisational development practice, ready to assist you and your business by offering strategy facilitation, personal development training, one-on-one or group coaching, needs assessment and advice

We will help you to plan and implement your human resource strategies, training plans, systems and communication strategies to create a better future for your business.

Businesses are all about relationships. When managed well, the complex relationships between directors, management, staff, shareholders, public, media, customers and regulatory authorities, result in a well-oiled machine, delivering value for all stakeholders. Life is also easier and more enjoyable.

We can assist you to develop strategy and process to strengthen these relationships and to build capacity and capability into your organisation.

Advantages of working with Implement

Shona Glentworth will work with you to develop tools appropriate for your business, your stage of growth and your dreams for the future. You will be in control of the process every step of the way.

When you work with Implement your business will gain valuable assistance towards the implementation of your vision, taking a positive step towards securing a successful future.

The process of  turning  your ideas into reality can be applied to any business regardless of size or complexity. The Implement process is to find simple, practical tools that make it easy for you to implement your plans.

Shona prides herself on tailoring our services to your needs

Based in new Plymouth, Taranaki, Shona works with a range of organisations, ensuring that the solutions  are exactly what the organisation needs to move to the next step.


We will:

  • Add value for every business we work with
  • Offer pragmatic and practical solutions
  • Empower others by walking alongside until they can walk alone

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