Personal Resilience


Resilience – The ability to bounce back  when faced with stress or pressure. 

Life and work can be stressful, we are faced with setbacks, challenges and change on a regular basis.  Learning how to be more resilient is good for you and good for business.

Learn to embrace change, recover from setbacks and see the glass half full. This programme will introduce you to concepts, ideas and tools to build your personal resilience and coping skills.

Participants will:

  • Understand more about their own individual triggers to stress
  • Learn techniques to help them bounce back
  • Learn how to embrace change
  • Develop strategies for the future

Participants will complete a DiSC profile on-line prior to coming to the course to learn about themselves and others.

Facilitator: Shona Glentworth 

One of the values of Implement is to “add value to the businesses it works with”. To this end, all training is delivered in an interactive manner to ensure the participants can relate the training to their own situations. Participants will be encouraged throughout the training to commit to actions they can take place to the workplace. Shona is an experienced facilitator whose passion for people and business ensures participants have fun while learning.

In-house options

3-4 hour seminar – $950 +GST for up to 10 people

6-7 hour seminar – $1575+GST for up to 10 people

 All of our courses can be customised to meet your needs. Talk to Shona to develop a plan tailored for you. 



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