Simulations for Assessment, Training and Development

We can choose one of four simulated exercises to assess a range of competencies.


  1. Participants are required to analyse information about a situation and prepare to champion a specific, allocated, project at a meeting.
  2. Then, working in teams, the participants share information, choose one of the projects and select project team members.
  3. The teams are given more information so they can prepare a project plan, including a cashflow forecast.
  4. Finally, each team is expected to manage the project remotely, dealing with various problems that arise as the simulation unfolds.

The activities have been designed to simulate jobs in which participants are required to handle information and draw conclusions, make individual or group decisions, communicate and influence others, and plan and run projects, in other words most managerial and professional roles.


The following competencies can be assessed

A.  Response to change

Responds positively to change, whether of people, procedures, tasks, constraints or objectives. Initiates change and seeks change as opportunity

B. Sense of Responsibility

Expects and accepts responsibility for self, others, the organisation and the environment. Is decisive and in the driving seat. Manages proactively for the greater good of the community.

C.  Impact

Behaves confidently, in command of self and situation. Exercises power and influence.

D.  Conceptualising

Diagnoses, collects and analyses information. Looks for links and develops new constructs. Intellectually manages complexity and ambiguity.

E. Multiple perspectives

Shows interest in perspectives of others. Can combine and contrast different disciplines. Understands own part in the total. Sees the whole picture.

F. Prediction

Looks ahead, predicts, forecasts. Prepares, plans, recognises and acts in advance of obstacles. Reads the environment.

G.  Respect and responsiveness

Recognises the worth of others, respects their contributions and empowers people. Spends time on relationships. Empathises.

H.  Communicating

Recognises the need to communicate and does so consistently. Is open and honest. Uses feedback to learn. Is self- aware and self analytical.

J. Self Awareness

Monitors own performance and its impact on others. IS open and honest. Uses feedback to learn. Is self- aware and self analytical.

Time Frames

The simulation consists of three distinct activities which each require:

  • 30 minutes for preparation
  • 45 minutes for the meeting
  • 30 minutes for debrief and learning review
  • 15 min for presentations (Optional)

TOTAL: 2  hours (x3)

The three activities can be run concurrently or separately (TOTAL: 6 hours)


We will need 2-3 Assessors. Ideally a combination of our people and yours

Assessors will collate information gained throughout the day and will provide a customized report for each participant.


Participants will be assessed against the competencies above and will receive feedback on how they participated in the group.

There will be time during the day to reflect on what happened and if there was anything that could have been done differently.


The investment for the assessment centre activity, begins from $3000+GST (depending on number of assessors)

This includes the assessment on the day, collation and feedback.

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