Training Needs

Build capacity by building your people

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We believe that training should be in response to the specific needs of your business, now and in the future.

A structured training needs analysis will identify the skill and capability requirements of your long term strategy, measuring the gap between current levels and that needed for the future.

STEP 1: Identify Training Needs

1. Identify issues that could be resolved by training

  • Analyse customer complaints
  • Look at compliance issues
  • What behaviours are you observing?
  • What skill gaps have you  observed?
  • Assess feedback from managers and colleagues
  • Consider results from performance reviews

2. What does the individual aspire to do?

  • Can you assist them to take their next career step?
  • What additional skills will benefit both them and your organisation?

3. What does the business need to be in the future?

  • What are the skill gaps that stop you from getting there?
  • What new technology, legislation, best practice do you need to learn about?
  • Are there additional responsibilities you will need to take on?
  • Do you need to train more people to handle growth?
  • What are the risks identified in your succession plan?

Step 2: Identify Expected Return on Investment

1. What changes will you expect from training?

2. How will you measure the success of training?

3. What benefits will come from the training?

  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Less time spent dealing with issues
  • Ability to accomodate growth
  • Ability to satisfy a new market
  • Staff satisfaction and hence increased productivity
  • Streamlined processes

4. Calculate expected return from the investment

Step 3: Plan Training

1.Research the training most likely to deliver the required outcomes

  • Local providers
  • Industry training
  • In house programmes
  • Public courses
  • On the job training or mentoring

2. Get the most from your training

  • Allocate budget for training
  • Talk to staff members and agree on training and timeframe for completion
  • Prior to attending the course, discuss the training and outline what you expect from attending
  • Agree on action(s) to take when the training is completed (ie present to others, write a report, complete a project)
  • After training, provide support to complete the agreed action and coach staff member to ensure behaviour change has occured as required
  • Assess and review the return on investment


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