Shona Glentworth is accredited to administer the DiSC behavioural profile tool. The DiSC profile was developed by Dr William Marston in the 1920s. The profile product used is validated for the Australian and New Zealand populations.

A personal DiSC profile helps you to understand your behaviour in a particular environment, the differences between people and how you can create an environment to work well with others.

DISC is used in Leadership Development, Team Building and Problem Solving. It can also be utilised by sales and customer service teams to better understand the interpersonal requirements of client relationships.

The accreditation enables Shona to utilise a range of profiling tools and reports provided by Inscape publishing. These include:

  • the Time Mastery Tool,
  • i-Sight a DiSC profile adapted for use with people aged between 12-18 to help them better understand themselves and their relationships with others
  • Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, assessing your team against 5 key characteristics of a cohesive tea.

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