The pressure of business means that it can sometimes be difficult to gather thoughts and define the way forward for an organisation.

An external facilitator can enable a structured approach to clarify where you want to go and how to get there. Facilitation can be with a team of managers, a senior team or one-on-one; the process of facilitation will enable clarity to emerge.

This enables an organisation to provide clear direction for all involved; staff, shareholders, customers, enabling consistency in communication and action. This consistency is an important ingredient in the achievement of vision and strategy.

Facilitation assists management to define vision and strategy; turning strategy to action by:

  • developing policy and processes
  • identifying and planning a change management process
  • development of communication plans
  • defining targets and measures
  • agreement of action plans

Successful facilitation will assist an organisation by providing:

  • agreed direction
  • agreed actions
  • agreed targets and milestones
  • agreed review procedures.



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