Strategic Solutions


Strategy is the lifeblood of any organisation- done well it provides direction and guidance for everyone. Being strategic is an important organisational skill.

Shona loves strategy and will work with you to bring your vision to life.

There are two ways you can access her support to develop your strategy .


  1. Involve her to facilitate your planning sessions. She will work with you to gather your ideas, find the structure among the chaos and give you clear direction for the future. There are many common elements in the development of a strategic direction, but you will receive a plan that is unique to you- there is no template for what Shona delivers. It will be appropriate to your stage of development and your dreams for the future.
  2. Take the on-line strategic challenge. This challenge has 7 key steps, which you can work through at your own pace and in you own way.  Shona is available via email to answer questions and help you on your journey.
"We had so many moving parts to our vision, and although all were viable options there didn't seem to be a way to connect them together in a compelling and actionable way.  Shona was able to provide a fantastic framework for us to develop our strategic plan and provide structure to our vision.  With Shona's expert advice and guidance, we now have an exciting and achievable strategic plan that has already enabled us to appoint the necessary expertise onto our board and secure multiple funding streams to move our plan into action. We are excited for the future development opportunities ahead of us and can't thank Shona enough for her contribution."


estee-janssens-396889-unsplashGovernance (community)

Shona has worked with a range of community organisations as Chair, trustee, committee member or Manager, and has developed a unique perspective of governance which enables her to provide practical training and support for the community sector.


If you prefer one-on-one support, Shona can provide individual support to help you or your team member make positive changes.

Specific longer term, coaching packages are eligible for a NZTE capability voucher, eligible businesses are able to access up to 50% subsidy for these.

Talk to Shona about options.

"I came to Shona as I was new to NZ and wanted to launch a business here that had been successful for me in Australia. I was unsure of the market and I wanted to speak to someone who had a good breadth and depth of  business knowledge and experience here in New Plymouth specifically. 
Shona clearly knew her stuff but what truly impressed me was how much she cared for me as her client. It's rare to feel so believed in and that belief has carried me a long way! I left each session feeling sure of the vision we had mapped out together and the strategy that would take me there. It's been a few years now since those sessions and I'm pleased to say that vision is now a reality!..Thanks Shona"


jan-kahanek-184676-unsplashCustomised Learning

We have a range of tools for teams, can provide one-to-one coaching and small group training. Some programmes can be provided as on-line modules.

Talk to Shona about improving:


If you want to take your business to the next step and have a challenge involving people, process or performance, talk to Shona – she will be able to come up with a solution.

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