We are offering 12 week coaching programmes, which have been approved by NZTE for capability vouchers.

Shona Glentworth is a coach with a wide range of experience and skills, a strong understanding of how organisations work and knowledge of what businesses need to be successful.

Key points of the programmes:

  • 12 weeks in duration (which can be adapted to suit client needs)
  • Include appropriate profiling tools to assist the client to understand their own behaviours and drivers
  • Comprise of 12x 2 hour one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Include coach availability via email for questions and/or support. Emails to be responded to within one working day
  • Folder/workbook for client notes and assignments and for future reference
  • Develop a project, relevant to the business, to be initiated during the coaching timetable and completed post coaching.
  • Consists of three phases of approximately 4 weeks each
  • If needed, will refine business strategy and will align coaching to reflect overall business strategy
  • Can include two business partners (small additional charge may apply)

Fee: $5000 +GST  for each 12 week programme (Paid in advance)


Four instalments(deposit and three monthly payments)  of $1375+GST

The three packages are:

1. Ideas to Reality

Will assist owners and managers to develop ideas to take their business forward. Ideal for businesses to identify new markets and products/services and to develop the plan for implementation. This package includes up to two Talent Dynamics profiles.

2. Being a Manager

Will develop management and supervisory skills. Ideal for new managers and business owners who employ staff. This package includes a DiSC and Time Mastery profile so clients can understand their own style, their time management challenges and better understand others.

3. Business Improvement

Will develop skills and knowledge to identify and implement business/quality improvement projects. This package will include a Talent Dynamic profile to identify where in the process the client will be the most effective and where to involve the skills of team members.

To register or to find our more, contact us via this form.

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