Hello from my bubble

Hello from the Implement bubble. Hasn’t it been a surreal time?  Five weeks is a long time to be in limbo. Level 3 will not be much different for my business – I am managing to continue to help and support clients from my bubble.

It was a busy time,  learning very quickly, and then delivering training via zoom. I have been very fortunate in having clients who have utilised this opportunity to provide training for their team through Leadership Management Australasia (which I am NZ licensee for) . The benefit of having to quickly learn how to deliver on-line, is that we have been able to include staff who work outside of Taranaki.

I am also learning very quickly about the digital options available and am delivering a free 7 day programme via a facebook group – called “Panic, Pivot or Plan?” This is a fun way to deliver learning and I am looking forward to learning as I go, to create a good experience for the participants.  This may be something I embrace in the future as well. (Watch this space)

Zoom has been a godsend for mentoring from a distance, I like being with people but seeing them on screen is the next best thing.

Even though I am a very social person, I must admit, I have enjoyed not going out all the time. All my groups still meet via zoom – Rotary, Toastmasters and my Wānanga class, are having regular catchups. It is lovely to see people’s faces regularly.

And it has been lovely spending time gardening and enjoying new visitors to my garden. This Kōtare has been a regular, I hope it comes back often.



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