Haven’t we come a long way

In Saturday’s Taranaki Daily News “50 Years Ago” column there was a surprising entry. “After seeking a medical opinion to see if there was any danger, Highlands intermediate school authorities at New Plymouth allowed girls to take part in the annual steeplechase.”  It seems amazing to me that in 1961 there were concerns about girls being strong enough to compete in endurance sports. Those girls will now be in their early 60s and will have spent most of their life in a world where “girls can do anything”.

Today I came across a newly released report that has evidence that companies with women on their boards have a higher return on investment. The research is an endorsement of the fact that “girls can do anything” and that they do it very well.

In your organisation, are you doing everything you can to ensure the women on your team can contribute to their full potential, while at the same time acknowledging the various other roles women perform? There are stresses associated with being a mother, grandmother, daughter that can have impact on working life. Employers who successfully deal with these stresses will retain a valuable and loyal employee. One, who research shows, is an important asset to the organisation.

In 2011 there should be no barriers to women who make life and career choices that suit them. See www.eeotrust.org for information and advice on creating a workplace that values diversity.

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