Staff Engagement

Are your people fully involved and enthusiastic about their jobs and your business?

This question should be asked by every business owner or board of directors as a key indicator of how well the business is doing. Many businesses do measure staff engagement and develop strategies for people based on the results. Why do they do that? Because they recognise that staff who are fully involved and enthusiastic, add dollars to the bottom line.

Staff engagement is not a topic just for large organisations who have large HR budgets. Any business that employs staff can develop and implement strategies that develop a culture which results in engagement.  The critera are the same as those I have used to judge “Employer of Choice” in business awards.

  • Vision and Strategy
    • Are all staff aware of the vision and strategy of the organisation?
    • Does this knowledge guide decision making and day to day actions?
  • Recruitment and Retention
    • Are good recruitment decisions made?
    • What are staff retention levels?
  • Learning and development
    • Does staff capability meet current and future needs?
    • Does personal development contribute to motivation to perform?
  • Performance Management
    • Is poor performance identified and improvement steps put in place?
    • Is excellent performance identified and rewarded?
  • Recognition and Reward
    • Do all staff share in the successes of the organisation?
    • Are staff motivated to exceed customer expectations?
  • Communication
    • Do staff feel they are a valued?
    • Is the culture maintained by consistent communication of plans and results?
  • Measurement
    • Are all People Practices monitored and reviewed?
    • Is there consistent improvement in performance?

An employer of choice has practices that go beyond that which is required to truly invest in people for the mutual benefit of employer and employee.

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