All about you (me)


The 5th blog challenge is titled ALL ABOUT YOU and is our opportunity to explain why we chose our blog title and what it means to us.

The title of my blog is the title of my website, which is the name of my business.  When I first decided to set up my own business, I spoke to a colleague who had already set up a consulting business.  One of his comments was that people struggle to implement stuff. So the seed was sown. I had skills in implementation – putting plans in place and working out how to achieve them.

To implement is to carry out, to put into action

Many organisations struggle to implement their strategy or their ideas.  There are time pressures, resource constraints and sometimes its just plain old procrastination. External support can help to clarify what needs to be done, provide a reality check about what is achievable and act as a sounding board when things get started. 

What plans and ideas do you have that are yet to see the light of day? Asking someone to help may just be what you need.

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