Sliced bread

2015-03-04 21.55.42The blog challenge today is to write about what we think is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I have been thinking a lot about networks lately. I have a wide network and have deliberately joined many groups and participated in many activities to maintain a wide network. This is not just about growing my business, the benefits are far reaching.

I think the networks we cultivate throughout life may be the greatest thing since sliced bread. My networks are in real life and on-line, I belong to women only networks and business networks and I maintain historic networks.

Reflecting on just the last 12 months, there are many direct benefits of the various networks I belong to:

  • Significant work has been generated
  • Conferences and learning opportunities
  • Personal support when needed
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Fun activities
  • Friendships
  • Shared wisdom
  • Ability to help and connect with others

What are you doing to create and nurture your networks? Make the effort, it is well worth it.

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