I’ve got skills

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-blank-blackboard-image28872002Our third topic in the blog challenge is “I’ve got skills” , the task is to blog about the skills we wish we had.  I do wish I was a bit more into detail, and that it wasn’t something I had to work at all the time.

But then, if I was a very detailed person, some of my other skills would suffer.  How can you be a big picture thinker, if you are worried about the detail? (Said a little bit tongue in cheek)

Traditionally  systems in organisations focus on “fixing” weaknesses. Performance management and  training needs identify the gaps and develop plans to bridge them. We spent a lot of time wishing people were better at the things they were not so good at.

But in recent years the conversations have been about building on strengths. This is a much more positive way to build your team. By encouraging people to go far in the areas they are good at can only be good for your organisation.


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