Postcard from the beach



Wish you were here….

No, not really. I am enjoying a well earned break at the beach. I arrived with books, a little bit of work to catch up on and no plans to do much except relax. My days have settled into a lovely beach routine, walks along the beach, afternoon naps, cups of tea and simple food.  My idyllic lifestyle comes to an end in a few days and then I will be back to reality.

How can I take some of this holiday feeling back to reality?

A beach holiday (for me anyway) is a about paring life back. Not trying to do too much, enjoying simple things like a walk along the beach, letting things happen when they happen.  I am going to try to take some of this home with me to keep that holiday feeling going for a little bit longer.  These are my promises to myself.

1. Appreciate the simple things in life– stop and appreciate the view, a good book, the strangers who smile and say hello.

2. Just sit and look – make time to switch my brain off, appreciate the view, just sit and enjoy the moment

3. Get outside – on a daily basis get out in the fresh air, walking in the rain, wind or sunshine is invigorating and good for the soul

4. Get enough sleep – one of the bonuses of a holiday is the excuse to have an afternoon nap and a sleep in, which is not always possible in real life. I will do my best to remember the feeling and plan for a good night’s sleep.

What promises would you make to yourself to keep that holiday feeling going?



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