The working year of 2013 has begun and most of us are looking ahead with new enthusiasm and renewed commitment to “being better this year.”

So, should we be making New Year resolutions for our business? My answer is to set goals for the business and  make resolutions for yourself.

As I reflect on last year and plan for the next, I recognise that 2012 was a tough year and that resilience is needed to move into 2013 with positivity. I want 2013 to be less tough personally, to be positive about what can be achieved and to take my business to the next step. My resolutions and goals reflect that overall wish.

Here are my three resolutions to make 2013 a better year.

Resolution #1: I will be true to myself  What is it that will really work for you? What will you focus on for the year? How do you really want to spend your time? If you are working on the things that you think are right, then you will put more energy, time and thought into doing it well. The results will be much better than for the things you do half-heartedly.

Resolution #2: I will believe in myself Once you have decided what it is you most want to do, believe in how well you can do it. Seek support if needed, research and learn all you can to help, but ultimately it is your passion and belief that will make it work. Trust your instinct and act on it.

Resolution #3: I will relax more So often we are busy being busy, in the belief that if there is still work to be done putting in the hours will get you there. It won’t always. Spending time relaxing, unwinding and doing things unrelated to the “work” you have to do will often yield a better result when you get back to it. You will also feel better and have more energy.

 All the best for a wonderful 2013. 

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