Keeping pace with change

For those of us in business, life can be hectic. We have a lot of demands from clients and our business, as well as with compliance and technology. Markets change, new competitors enter the market, regulations change and products change.

So how much should be keep up? Do we need to be leading edge, or can we follow? Or do we select a niche that means we can stay much the same?

Only you can answer this question. But today I had an experience I wish to share, about how we all need to be aware of opportunities- at least to have them on our radar.

For those of us using social media it seems a no-brainer that retailers could increase their customer base and their level of customer engagement if they put social media to good use.

However, there are many who do not understand it and who do not seek information about how to leverage social media. It has been around for a while now, its not just “young people and celebrities” who use it- its everyday people and some of us are even “quite mature”.

Today, I tweeted for help with buying my sister’s birthday present. A local gift shop (Govett Brewster Art Gallery Gift Shop in New Plymouth) answered that they could help. In the store I checked in with Foursquare and unlocked a special discount of 10%- so I bought two gifts. And I tweeted about it.

What is the equivalent “Great new thing” for your business. Is it on your radar? Are you seeking information, training or help to keep up to date? Or are you hoping it will go away?


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